Our appliance products are the cornerstone of our plastic products and we have a client base that trusts us to supply superior quality components like,

Corrugated tubes for washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, refrigerators etc.

Injection-moulded parts for Appliances.


Inlet Hose & Drain hose 

Outlet Hose & Outlet Clip

Lint Filter Insert Molding

FA Inlet Hose Child Parts

Water Filter Assembly/ Adapter filter Faucet

No Rattle Tube

 We continually improve and streamline our process performance through high maintenance and top-end automation.

Corrugated Tubes
Injection-moulded Parts 
 Non-woven Packaging Cover

We also bring to you the best quality plastic packaging material like sachets, Eco-friendly storage bags made of high-quality fabric while considering market trends.

We also provide covers to safeguard your machinery from environmental pollution and fine dust.

Plastic corrugated facilities

Bringing in the best in technology with state-of-the-art machines we manufacture high quality corrugated tubes for wiring harness, drain hoses, inlet and outlet hoses etc. 

Injection Molding


With our Injection Molding Plants based in Chennai and Pondicherry, we produce an array of hard-ware products that are used in Automobiles or Industrial care.